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Cairn Terrier Health Group

New members needed


We are looking for new members for the Cairn Terrier Health Group as Yvonne Catto is retiring at the end of the year as Secretary/Treasurer and sadly Committee Member Sonia White died last year.


Below is the relevant section of the Health Group Constitution:


a)     The Group shall consist of Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer and a maximum of 2 committee members.


b)     The management of the Group shall be in the hands of the above mentioned.


c)      Initially Officers and committee shall serve on the Group for 3 years, after which they may continue to serve on the group if this is agreed by the six Cairn Breed Clubs.


d)     Should any member of the Group resign for any reason, any new member should always be agreed by the six Cairn Breed Clubs.


e)     Meetings of the committee shall be held when deemed necessary.


For details of what is involved initial inquiries can be made to:


Yvonne Catto, email; birse@fsmail.net


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Health Group, please contact:


Working Party Secretary: Frances Goldfinch, email goldfinch74@btinternet.com


http://www.midlandctc.co.uk/news7/cthgnewmembers.htmDeadline: 29 June 2016


After 30th June 2016:  details will be circulated to all the Clubs as per the Constitution.