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Message From Graham Peers

Message from Graham

Louise has received countless emails in response to my illness and has read them all to me when she arrives each evening, to clean the kennels.
The amount of people who have sent their condolences through Louise has amazed me; so too has the cards, with their kind messages, which have been delivered through our mailbox.

It troubles me that I may forget to say a 'thank you' when speaking to them to shows - so now, I thank you for being in your thoughts, God bless you.

I will try to be present at the last shows in 2017.


Graham Peers has asked me to let you know that his absence from the recent shows was due to a stroke and a seven day hospital stay.

He has been home for the past fortnight and is now thankfully on the mend but is still not able to take phone calls. He hopes to be at a show soon, (Hilary, Louise and health permitting!)

I am sure you would all want to join me in wishing him Good Health and that he will be back into the fold as soon as is possible.