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Joint CTC Open Show

Judge Thomas West (Tomlyndon)

(Held after WKC Show)

19 August 2017

Best Dog & RBIS; Inett's Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh JW

Reserve Best Dog; Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

Best Bitch & BIS; Clarke's Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW

Reserve Best Bitch; Dolan's Glenrood Spell Dance

Best Pupy Dog & BPIS; Peers' Tweedisle Lively Lad


Dawn Inett, BD & RBIS Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh, Thomas West, Pat Clarke,

BB & BIS Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream, Louise Peers, BPB & BPIS Tweedisle Lively Lad


Dawn Inett, BD  Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh, Thomas West, Brenda Shannon, RBD Brenndarcy Tinsoldat,, Louise Peers, BPD Tweedisle Lively Lad


Pat Clarke, BB Ch Lenrica Dolly Daydream JW, Thomas West, Sue Dolan, RBB Glenrood  Spell Dance . M Hall, BPB Carradine Let's Go


V D/B 4,4a


MPD No Entries


PD 2,1a

1. Tweedisle Lively Lad


JD 1

1. Calwall On Call


ND 2,1a

1. Caldwall Call To Order


LD 7,2a

1. Lentrica letas Dance At Calamondin

2. Tweedisle Tugman

3. Lentrica Rocket Man At Carenwil

Res. Vale Of Atholl's Earl Of Mansfield

VHC. Castleline Barn Dance


OD 5,1a

1. Ch Carradine George Flies Witth Harkinleigh

2. Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

3. Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon


B D/B No entries

PB 1

1. Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds


JB 2

1. Glenrood Spell Dance

2. Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae


NB 6,3a

1 Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog

2. Carradine Tinkerbelle For Owenreagh

Castleleine caledonian Lass


LB 8,4a

1. Carradine Here Comes Dolly

2. Tweedisle Guinevere

3. Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo

Res Cannwood Misty Dawn At Gethlee


OB 83a

1. Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream Jw

2. Brenndarcy Cloudbusting

3. Splinterhill's Amazing Grace To Glenchess

Res. Glenrood Schererazade

VHC. Vale Of Atgholl's Bessie McCintyre




















Joint Cairn Terrier Club

Open Show

August 2017


Let me begin by giving my thanks for the opportunity to judge at this show. I am also grateful to the exhibitors who extended their day to take part. I felt there was a high quality throughout and it was a joy to be able to assess your dogs. I was delighted with the final lineup.


PD 2,1a

 1. Peers’ Tweedisle Lively Lad

Promising youngster with a lot to like. Pleasing head & expression, excellent bite. Straight front & well placed shoulder into level topline which he holds on the move. He moves out well, covering the ground with purpose and making the most of himself. Please to award him BPIS


JD 1

 1. Owen’s Caldwall On Call

 A lot to like. Good head, dark eye and keen expression. Well placed ears. Straight front and well placed shoulder. On his toes but once into his stride he moved out well.


ND 2,1a

1.  Owen’s Caldwall Call To Order

Litter brother to the JD. He was very sound to go over and held himself well on the move. Scored in head and ear placement, giving the required expression. Level topline and good tail set & carriage.


LD 7,2a

 1. Ball’s Lentrica Let’s Dance At Calamondin

A male I have judged before and he continues to impress. Up to size but well constructed. Excellent head, capturing that typical expression. Good dark eye, defined stop and ears well placed. Excellent front, well placed shoulder into level topline. He moves out so freely. In good coat condition.

2. Peers’ Tweedisle Tugman

Very balanced and sound throughout. Pleasing head and expression, alert throughout. I preferred the rear drive of 1

 3. Carter & Clarke’s Lentrica Rocket Man At Carenwil


OD 5,1a

 A wonderful class, topped by

 1. Inett, Harrison, King & Leighton’s Ch Carradine George Flies With Harkinleigh

Striking male, I loved his head and expression and the overall showmanship and the way he is the same dog free standing as moving, holding himself so well throughout. Excellent bite, defined stop, dark eye, well placed ears. Excellent shoulder into level topline, good depth of rib, tail well set and carried correctly. Plenty of muscle in his rear which enables him to drive and move out so well. BD & RBIS, he had to bow to a wonderful bitch for BIS

2. Shannon’s Brenndarcy Tinsoldat

Another male from the top drawer. So sound to go over. Excellent front, and so strong in head and expression. Well placed shoulder into level topline and well placed tail. He is lovely on the table but lacked a bit of spark when on the floor which effected his outline on the move. That said, he strides out well and is such a free and easy mover. RBD

3. Waugh’s Tribuns Licorice Coin At Tribannon


  MPB 2 1a

1.      Hall’s Carradine Let’s Go

Very raw baby but a lot to like. Scored in head and a pleasing front. Good shoulder. She moves out well and has a good outline, tail well set and well angulated rear.


PB 1

 1. Soper’s Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds

Nice youngster, pleasing outline. Good mouth and pleasing head. Straight front. Well angulated in her rear and a good topline which is held well on the move.


JB 2

 1. Dolan’s Glenrood Spell Dance

My notes read here ‘lovely throughout’ and she certainly didn’t disappoint on closer inspection. Lovely feminine bitch, Good head and expression with dark eye. Correct bite. Ears well placed. Super front and well placed shoulder. Well developed body and level topline. Tail well set and carried correctly. Well developed in her rear and well angulated. She moves out so well, with good reach and drive, giving the impression she could go all day. One I will follow with interest as she progresses. RBB

2. Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae

Another quality example from this breeder. Excellent head and expression and scored in front. Good outline and shape. Once settled she moves out well.


 NB 6,3a

 1 Fair’s Carradine Miss Marcie At Myrtog

Typical outline, with no exaggeration. Pleasing head, good ear placement. Nice neck and topline. In good coat. She moves out well

2. McGrath & Inett’s Carradine Tinkerbelle For Owenreagh

A lot to like about this bitch, good in head with dark eye, nice front and outline. Moving out steadily.

3. Thompson’s Castleleine Caledonian Lass


LB 8,4a

 1. Clayton’s Carradine Here Comes Dolly

Lovely outline, no exaggeration and very sound. Excellent head with that keen expression. Ears well placed and dark eye. Good bite. Well placed shoulder, holding herself well on the move. Free and easy mover with plenty of drive from her rear. In good coat.

2. Peers’ Tweedisle Guinevere

Pleasing outline. She was not in ‘full bloom’ but there is nothing hidden. Scored in head and her front assembly. Good length of neck into level topline. Excellent tail set and carriage, she is a free and easy mover who could go all day. Well angulated rear with plenty of muscle.

3. Saich’s Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo


OB 83a

 1. Clarke’s Ch Lentrica Dolly Daydream JW

A bitch I have judged before and given top honours to then. As time has passed I feel she has got better and better. She is quality throughout and has the balance of ‘workmanlike’ to ‘showmanship’ to a T. Totally balanced with a wonderful head and expression. Correct bite, excellent front. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Well angulated rear, plenty of muscle and a good bend of stifle. Moving out she is so free, with correct outline and carriage. Delighted to award her BB & BIS and I felt made a good pair with the male going around for BIS

 2. Shannon’s Brenndarcy Cloudbusting

A very outgoing and showy bitch. Beautiful head with that typical expression. Ears well placed, good stop and excellent bite. Well angulated front and rear, well placed shoulder. Excellent topline & tail – making the most of herself throughout.

3. Short’s Splinterhill's Amazing Grace To Glenchess


Thomas West