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The Compendium of British Cairn Terrier Records by the late Pat McKinney

Do you own a copy of the Compendium of British Cairn Terrier Records?If so, is it up to date?


In January 1994 when the book was originally published 317 Cairn enthusiasts bought this.It contained a full, detailed list of all UK Challenge Certificate winners from 1946 to 1994.There was also a section showing photographs of all UK champions together with a 3 generation pedigree.Later the book was expanded to include pre war champions and CC winners. Quite a few people put in a lot of time and effort to get the Compendium finalised, not least Pat McKinney, who sadly passed away some years ago.


Every year since 1994 the Champions section has been updated but I am sorry to say that we currently have only 29 people who subscribe to the yearly updates.This is a great shame because not only do we have a lot of updates to store but every year the bank balance is reducing because we pay approximately £200 for updates to be printed.


So, this is an appeal for those of you who own a Compendium to please find it and update it.All you need do is to look at the Champions section and find the last page number.Then please email Monica Ball (calamomdin1@ntlworld.com).Monica will then let you know how much it will cost you to update it.This publication is a non-profit making concern and you will only be charged for the cost of the pages, postage and packing.


If you then wish to subscribe for future years updates (5 years) please let Monica know and she will send you the details.


At the moment I am working on updating the CC winners section.This hasnít been updated at all since 1994, so you can appreciate that it is a mammoth task.And it has not yet been decided how this will be distributed as it seems to lend itself to an online version so that it can be updated annually.


In due course I shall be emailing, wherever possible, any original subscribers.


So please dig out your Compendium and update it.I would not like to see this publication cease through lack of funds, it is a very important part of British Cairn Terrier history.


Thank you for reading


Linda Firth (Email; linda.firth@sky.com, Tel; 01623 472177)