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Builth 2004 Barbeque

“Cairn City” at The Royal Welsh Showground caravan site, Builth Wells, Powys, was rather damp in parts this year. If it wasn’t raining we were pestered by pesky wasps, some bigger and peskier than others!

Monica Ball arrived late Friday night followed by the Brenndarcy’s ; Danny and I put the gang up for the night on the bunk beds. Then we ran around with canes to which we had attached carrier bags and   “bagged” 5 more pitches. We had a lovely quiet sunny weekend. Early Sunday evening the Gouds arrived hot foot from Bournemouth, Reinier was the official Midland Photographer at that show so on Monday he downloaded the pictures, I typed up the results but couldn’t get my Infra red internet phone to work. On Tuesday I went into Builth Wells Library and managed to upload the pages, a little late but worth the wait.

During the week the Showground began to fill up, Angela & Anthony Osborn, Alan & Chris Stephinson, Roy & Jo Tester eventually joined us.

Friday saw the arrival of Linda, Alan & Amy Firth, caravanless, but with 5 cairns in tow, a gazebo, wind breaks and an inflatable bed borrowed from Ann Wall (who was in Ireland!) The plan was that the dogs slept in our awning, Amy in our bottom bunk and Linda & Alan on the massive inflatable bed in the bedroom annex of the Twohoots awning! David Turnbull also arrived early that evening.

We had a lovely barbeque in the Stephinsons awning, Chris being the excellent hostess. “Boy did we shift some grub and sup some stuff” as we say in Yorkshire. Yes I think we had a very enjoyable evening, only no one knew about the entertainment that Linda & Alan had laid on for later!

“It’s my bedtime”, hollered Linda as Alan started to inflate their bed. The following scenes had everyone in stitches and we all retired to our caravans for a good nights sleep. That is except those who were woken at 2am as Alan Firth put the generator on to re-inflate the Firth’s bed! Linda was a little delicate in the morning but managed to pull herself round to attend the show.

The weather turned again and it was a beautiful show day.

Sunday saw the departure first thing of the Testers, Gouds & Osborn’s. Danny & I had decided to go Sunday afternoon. By 3pm we had the caravan all packed up, dogs in the car and as Danny tried to start our car to hitch up to the van he remembered filling up our Diesel Scenic with petrol!!!!!!!!

Being Sunday afternoon we couldn’t a garage out, our breakdown company wanted £2 a mile to tow us home (170miles) Needless to say we stopped another night with dogs on bunk beds again and eventually set of Monday lunch time.

Brenda M Shannon

This Burger eating competition was a great idea!

Smoke gets in your eyes

Those Pesky Wasps get all over the place!

Unaccustomed as I am….


Two Old Vets

I don’t think I have enough puff for this Linda?

I’m Happy

No caption necessary

          And I’m Happier!

Morning After

The Sun Shines On the Righteous

Come into my Boudoir

Photographs by Reinier Goud & Roy Tester