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Joint Cairn Terrier Club Open Show

31st July 2004 Judge Fiona Cameron


BD & BIS Shorter & Nuttall’s Spawyche Elizabethian Jet

RBD Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry

BB Pollock’s Stanedykes Diva

RBB Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali

BPD & BP Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Wild Card

BPB Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy


****“And They Call It Puppy Love!”*****

(Best puppy challenge)


BD & BIS Spawyche Elizabethian Jet


Awarding BIS

Awarding Best Bitch


Awarding Best Puppy

Awarding Reserve Best Bitch


Best Dog & Reserve Best Dog

More Pictures after Results, Critique after Pictures

MPD (2,1a)

  1. Mears’ Glenmear Billy Flynn



PD (6,2a)

  1. Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Wild Card
  2. Robert’& Middlehurst’s Cannwood Red Comet
  3. Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus Mclee Of Casmhor

Res  Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr


JD (3,1a)

  1. Gill’s Copseleaze Light Skies
  2. Culliford’s Brenndarcy Country Mouse


ND (1)

  1. Laker’s Wizoz Rory


UGD (2)

  1. Woodward’s Anjofra Desert Trouper
  2. Waite’s Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens


PGD (6,2a)

  1. Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry
  2. Confue’s Anjofra Bang On The Door
  3. Bambridge’s Carradine Master Guy For Luvemal

Res Davey’s Castleline Game Spirit


LD (4,3a)

  1. Kintons’ Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled


OD (5,1a)

  1. Shorter & Nuttall’s Spawyche Elizabethian Jet
  2. Thompson’s Castleline Star Trooper
  3. Ward’s Vanajam Halloween

Res Ough’s Ocedor Zephyr


VD (4,1a)

  1. Jennings’ Doonrae Virtuoso
  2. White’s Kervaig Picador
  3. Grey’s Braes Maple


BD (6)

  1. Anjofra Desert Trouper
  2. Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens
  3. Castleline Game Spirit

Res. Ocedar Zephyr

VHC Wizoz Rory


MPB (6,2a)

  1. Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
  2. Osborn’s Tweslam Dark Angel
  3. Moseley’s Spawyche  Precious Jewel

Res. Robinson’s Cruzo Hollie Berry

VHC. Weaver’s Copseleaze The Foxy Lady


PB (7,2a)

  1. Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
  2. Roberts’ Catcha Fallin Star
  3. Smee’s Malmay Fancy Goods

Res. Brown’s Bencana Dark Mint

VHC Sharp & Petts’ Canwood Kasta Spell


JB (9,5)

  1. Ward’s Vanajam Hokcus Pokcus
  2. Radford’s Skimmerton Silver Touch
  3. Davey’s Castleline Star Appeal

Res. Thompson’s Castleline Constellation


MB (6,3a)

  1. Brown’s Bencana Royal Sovereign
  2. Castleline Star Appeal
  3. Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful


NB (9,4)

  1. Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo
  2. White’s Kervaig Gemima
  3. Kinton’s Woodthorpe Luck Be A Lady

Res. Sharpe & Petts’ Doonrae Forever Fern

VHC. Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful


UGB (9,4a)

  1. Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali
  2. White’s Kervaig Skye Sapphire
  3. Buttress’ Carradine Echo

Res. Radford’s Skimmerton Silver Sequel

VHC. Jennings’ Doonrae Youthfulness



  1. Smee’s Ring That Belle For Malmay
  2. Hughes’ Spawyche Dawn Chorus At Gyncairn
  3. Osborn’s Tweslam Charlies Angel

Res. Spawyche Dawn Chorus At Malmay

VHC. Grey’s Braes Victorian Violet


LB (16,6)

  1. Pollock’s Stanedykes Diva
  2. Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh
  3. Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cedar

Res. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse

VHC. Brown’s Bencana Crystal Clear


OB (6,1a)

  1. Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour
  2. Ward’s Vanajam Trick-A-Treat
  3. Buttress’ Uniquecottage Gold Tilly

Res.Oldale’s Cranae Cerinthe

VHC. Owen’s Caldwall Chelsey



VB (5,2a)

  1. Confue’s Ch. Anjofra Charlie Tango
  2. Ough’s Stormy Weather
  3. Jeffrey’s Sandaig Silent Wings


BB (5,3a)

  1. Castleline Star Appeal
  2. Stormy Weather






















Overseas Visitors

Pictures By Alan Firth









The Joint Cairn Terrier Clubs held an open show at Witney, Oxfordshire, on Saturday 31 July.  My thanks to the Officers and Committee of the Southern CTC for the invitation, and to the large number of exhibitors who entered.


Overall, I thought the quality was not as good as when I judged a year ago.  Movement seems to be of particular concern.  There were several incorrect fronts, with upright shoulders and lack of forechest.  Straight stifles were also in evidence resulting in lack of drive from the rear.  Having said that, I was pleased with my winning line-ups and enjoyed going over the dogs, all of whom had excellent temperaments.



MPD (2, 1 absent)  1.  Mears’ Glenmear Billy Flynn.  Well-built wheaten brindle with good head and expression, correct bite with lovely large teeth.  Well placed shoulders, well angulated but not exaggerated rear.  Correct coat.  Handled well on the table, but he was overawed by the occasion and did not want to walk.  I shall watch him with interest when he gains confidence.


PD (6, 2)  1.  Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Wild Card.  Eye-catching grey brindle with attractive head and true Cairn expression.  Good mouth.  Good reach of neck flowing into well-placed shoulders.  Level topline.  Covered the ground very well.  BP


2.      Roberts’ and Middlehurst’s Cannwood Red Comet. Red dog in good coat.  Liked his overall size and balance.  Correct bite.  Good spring and depth of rib.  Moved well.  Preferred expression of 1.


3.      Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor


JD (3, 1)  1.  Gill’s Copseleaze Light Skies.  Smart wheaten with very nice head and good mouth.  Quality coat.  Good topline and tailset.  Moved with drive from behind.


2.      Culliford’s Brenndarcy Country Mouse.  Wheaten with good mouth, neat well-placed ears.  Short of coat but what was there was of good harsh quality.  Moved OK


ND (1)  1.  Laker’s Wizoz Rory.  Wheaten, rather short of coat and in need of a little tidying.  Nice head and expression, attractive personality.  Paid close attention to his handler while on the move.  Moved well in profile.


UGD (2)  1.  Woodward’s Anjofra Desert Trouper.  Red dog with attractive head and lovely dark eye.  In good coat.  Well-placed shoulders, good rib, level topline, correct tailset.  Moved well.


2.      Waite’s Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens.  Wheaten brindle with very strong, well-furnished masculine head and attractive expression.  Well muscled rear.  Moved with drive from behind.


PGD  (6,2)  1.  Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry.  Wheaten brindle in good coat and condition.  Nice head and expression with lovely dark mask.  Correct mouth.  Level topline, good tailset.  Good mover who really strode out and covered the ground well.  RBD


2.      Confue’s Anjofra Bang on the Door.  Very attractive, eye-catching red in good coat. Well presented.  Good head with lovely dark eye and neat ears, correct mouth.  Good length of leg and spring of rib.  Just preferred movement of 1. today.


3.      Bambridge’s Carradine Master Guy for Luvemal


LD (4, 3)  1.  Kinton’s Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled.   Wheaten of nice size.  Correct mouth.  Well ribbed.  Full harsh coat.  Good bend of stifle.  Moved with drive.


OD (5, 1)  1.  Shorter & Nuttall’s Spawyche Elizabethan Jet.  I have always admired this dog and today I just could not fault him.  Not a big boy, but beautifully balanced and so typical.  Lovely head with that melting yet so alert expression.  Good length of neck reaching into well laid back shoulders.  Straight topline with well placed tail.  Well muscled rear.  So beautifully presented in excellent coat and condition.  Moved very well today, and showed all out for his handler.  BD & BIS


2.      Thompson’s Castleline Star Trooper.  Another very nice dog.  Dark grey brindle with super head and expression.  Good mouth.  Good layback of shoulder, level topline, well sprung ribs.  Spirited personality.  Moved well.  Was unfortunate to meet 1. today


3.      Ward’s Vanajam Halloween


VD (4, 3)  1.  Jennings Doonrae Virtuoso.  8 year old dark grey brindle.  Good head with lovely dark eye.  Good harsh coat which could perhaps have done with a wee bit of tidying!  Moved well.


2.      White’s Kervaig Picador.  Light red 9 year old with lovely head and expression.  Good coat.  Well bodied.  Looked a picture standing but not quite as positive on the move as 1. 


3.      Grey’s Braes Maple


BD (6)  1.  Woodward’s Anjofra Desert Trouper.  2.  Waite’s Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens.  3.  Davey’s Castleline Game Spirit



MPB (8, 3)  1.  Osborns’ Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy.  Striking 8 month old red.  Mature looking for her age and well up to size.  Lovely head and expression.  Good dark eye.  Correct mouth.  Good spring and depth of rib.  Level topline which she kept while on the move.  Strode out well.  One to watch for the future.


2.      Osborns’ Tweslam Dark Angel.  Wheaten brindle, smaller than 1.  Nice head and expression.  Good mouth.  Well angulated front and rear.  Moved truly coming and going.


3.      Moseley’s Spawyche Precious Jewel


PB (7, 2)  1.  Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby.  Wheaten brindle with lovely outline and attitude.  Good head and expression.  Correct mouth.  Well angulated front and rear giving her the best movement in the class.  I see that both this exhibit and 2nd in the previous class were sired by my BIS winner.


2.      Roberts’ Cannwood Catcha Fallin Star.  Another nice puppy.  Red, with good spring of rib.  Nice head, dark eye.  Good coat.  Felt she didn’t have quite the drive of 1. when on the move.


3.      Smee’s Malmay Fancy Goods


JB (9, 6)  1.  Ward’s Vanajam Hokcus Pokcus.  Wheaten, well up on the leg.  Pretty head, good topline and tailset.  In good coat and condition.  Moved well.


2.      Radfords’ Skimmerton Silver Touch.  Dark grey brindle in good coat.  Nice head and expression.  Good topline and tailset.  Looked very nice standing but thought she didn’t move as well as 1. today.


3.      Daveys’ Castleline Star Appeal


MB (6, 3)  1.  Browns’ Bencana Royal Sovereign.  Well grown dark grey brindle in good coat.  Not a small bitch but proportions OK.  Attractive head with good dark eye and kind expression.  Not yet as positive on the move as I would like.


2.      Daveys’ Castleline Star Appeal.  Compact red brindle in good coat.  Moved OK.  Didn’t use her tail to effect which detracted from the overall picture.


3.      Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful


NB (9, 3)  1.  Osborns’ Tweslam Kalamazoo.  Red bitch, nice size,  in good coat and condition.  Good head, well placed shoulders, good topline and tailset and well angulated rear.  Moved best in the class.


2.      White’s Kervaig Gemima.  Well coated grey brindle.  Probably a little bigger than I would ideally like but nice head and pleasing overall appearance.  Moved well behind.


3.      Kinton’s Woodthorpe Luck be a Lady


UGB (9, 4)  1.  Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali.  Beautifully presented red with lovely head and expression and good dark eye.  Good length of neck, well placed shoulders and plenty of upper arm to provide correct front.  Level topline.  Moved very well.  RBB


2.      White’s Kervaig Skye Sapphire.  Very attractive wheaten brindle with a lovely head and expression.  Good strong hind movement.  Really liked this bitch but preferred front action and overall performance on the move of 1.


3.      Buttress’ Carradine Echo


PGB  (8, 2)  1.  Smee’s Ring that Belle for Malmay.  Very sound cream bitch in good coat.  Nice head.  Good mouth.  Well placed shoulders.  Good topline, well angulated rear.  Moved best in class  -  true front and rear.


2.      Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn.  Very attractive wheaten brindle with lovely head.  Good depth and spring of rib.  Well muscled rear end.  Really liked her but felt front movement not as good as 1.


3.      Osborns’ Tweslam Charlie’s Angel.


LB  (16, 6)  1.  Pollock’s Stanedykes Diva.  What a lovely dark grey brindle with correct double coat in excellent condition.  Very good head and typical expression.  Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, level topline, strong correctly angulated rear.  Moved round the ring with reach and drive.  Showed well.  BB.  The heat and the long day took its toll and unfortunately she just didn’t perform in the challenge for BIS.


2.      Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh. Very feminine wheaten brindle, smaller than 1.but very well proportioned.  Pretty head and sweet expression.  Another very nice exhibit but felt 1. had the edge on movement today.


3.      Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cedar


OB (6, 1)  1.  Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour.  Dark brindle with bright personality.  Typical head.  Good shoulder placement.  Liked her overall demeanour.  Movement good but some light loose hair on her left foreleg was misleading and gave the impression that she was “throwing” it, which I am sure she was not.  I know it is not easy to have someone else move your dog while you watch, but I think if it can be managed it is very useful in showing up any bits missed during grooming.


2.      Ward’s Vanajam Trick-A-Treat.  Wheaten brindle in excellent full coat, on larger scale than 1.  Nice head and expression, good mouth.  Moved OK and showed very well, showing excellent rapport with her handler.


3.      Buttress’ Uniquecottage Gold Tilly



VB (5, 2)  1.  Confues’ Anjofra Charlie Tango.  Can’t believe that this bitch is 11 years old!  Remarkably fit-looking red with good head and in full coat.  Very strong rear end which was illustrated by the way she moved round the ring like a 3 year old.  A credit to her owners.


2.      2.  Ough’s Stormy Weather.  10 year old red, with nice head.  Also moved very well, but 1. just had the edge today.


3.      Jeffrey’s Sandaig Silent Wings


BB (5, 3)  1.  Castleline Star Appeal   2.  Stormy Weather



Fiona Cameron