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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Ch Show 2001

Judge -Mr. J. Dean  (176 -207)

DCC Ch. Shearwater Cae de Sonhas

RDCC Carradine Toblerone

BCC  BIS Ch. Gyncairn Dusk to Dawn

RDCC Birselaw Bobby Sox

BPIS Vanajam Lime Light


I would like to commence with an expression of gratitude to the Midland C.T.C. Committee for inviting me to judge, to my excellent stewards Jack Watson and Philip Horspool and of course to the exhibitors who allowed me the privilege of going over their dogs and who took my placings so sportingly.

While I was very pleased both with the size and the quality of the entry I was a little disappointed with the lower classes, particularly in the dogs. There were of course some very good Cairns but there were not as many as I would have expected. On the other hand the top classes were excellent particularly Limit and Open for both sexes. The main concerns for the breed as far as I was able to ascertain were rear movement, mouths and shoulders. A larger part of the entry moved close or very close behind. In several exhibits I found myself deliberating as to whether I could allow the bite to be classed as a scissor bite so small was the overlap. Also in many cases teeth were small instead of the large teeth called for in the Standard. In a significant number of exhibits shoulders were too upright with the almost inevitable result of poor front movement.A Cairn is expected to be alert, to have a gay and fearless disposition and to impress as being active and game. None of these qualities is displayed by Cairns standing with their tails down and/or with their ears back. Several good exhibits, at least two of which would have been considered for top placings, ruined their chances in this way. On the other hand the quality in Open Dog and Open and Limit bitch was exceptional. Not only was there high quality but in the bitch classes particularly it was there in depth.

One trophy winner not mentioned in the following critique is the oldest veteran Castrey’s Casmhor McLee Morag of Mull – a 14+ year old and still a credit to the breed as indeed were all the other veterans. There were fourteen entered in Veteran and I think it would have been fairer had the “teenagers” had a class to themselves.


Minor Puppy Dog  (5)

1st      Felters & Rumens’s Landbuck Bright Colours.  Well-coated dark brindle.  masculine head, correct mouth, good reach of neck, level back, movement was satisfactory.

2nd      Hawkes’s Maridale Zed Zenith.  Good head, neck and shoulders, correct tailset.  Shown in good double coat but didn’t move as well as 1.

3rd      Tracey’s Retacy Mr Doriaw


Puppy Dog (5)

1st      Howard’s Lochlesh What’s It All About.  Wheaten with good head and typical Cairn expression, level topline, good spring of rib, moved okay, showed well.

2nd      Pollock’s Stanedykes The Exciseman.  Dark brindle, bigger than 1, excellent double coat, good head and neck, with level back.  Good movement.

3rd      Smith’s Cairngrae Next Encounter

Junior Dog (9)

1st      Kinton’s Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled.  Wheaten, good Cairn head and expression, very good reach of neck, sloping shoulders, level topline even on the move, correct tailset.  Good bend of stifle, moved well in front.

2nd      Shannon & Storr’s Benndarcy Bill Badger.  Reddish wheaten, correct front, proper spring of ribs, level back, moved  satisfactorily.

3rd      Towers’s Deneland Just William.

Maiden Dog (6)

1st      Shannon & Storr’s Benndarcy Bill Badger

2nd      Towers’s Deneland Just William.  Wheaten brindle, good head, correct bite, nice reach of neck, level back, shown in good coat.

3rd      Tutchings’s Crowneast Landahead

Novice Dog (4)

1st       Wall’s Shearwater Shinanegan.  Wheaten brindle, well up to size, correct mouth, nice head, good reach of neck, firm topline, moved all right.

2nd      Brown’s Cloverbrook Talk of the Town.  Wheaten brindle, good head and neck, level back, good tail set, front movement let him down.

Graduate Dog

1st      Ward’s Vanajam the Alchemist.  Very promising wheaten, just out of Junior.  Good head and expression, correct front, good reach of neck, sloping shoulders, firm topline, moved with drive.

2nd      Jennings’s  Doonrae Virtuoso.  Dark brindle, nice head, level topline, good double coat, movement satisfactory.

3rd      Bradshaw.s Tweslam Magic Time

Post Graduate Dog (12)

1st       Harrison & Formosa’s Carradine Toblerone.  Red with dark points, masculine Cairn head with typical expression, correct front, good reach of neck, sloping shoulders, sound topline, good quality coat though a little on the short side, moved correctly and showed all the time.  R.C.C.

2nd      Cameron’s Stryveling Ivanhoe.  Wheaten, good head, neck and shoulders, mischievous expression, level back, good bend of stifle, well muscled quarters, did not move as well as class winner.

3rd      Middlehurst’s Starveren Stiller

Limit Dog (7)

1st      Short’s Glenchess  Fancy  Dresser.  Attractive wheaten brindle with dark mask, typical head and expression, good length of leg, back level, well set on tail, fine showman, moved with drive.

2nd      Cameron’s Stryveling  Lord  of the Isles.  Red brindle, typical head, sound front, well constructed with sloping shoulders and good spring of rib, correct tail set, moved well.

3rd      Shaw’s Honeyhall Highlander

Open Dog (9)

1st      Wall’s Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas.  Fine upstanding masculine red, excellent head, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, level topline, well set on tail, good bend of stifle, moved and showed well.  C.C. &  R.B.I.S.

2nd      Birchs’s Kinkim  Prinz Lady.  Dark brindle, good head, keen expression, correct front, well muscled quarters, moved well front and rear.  Showed to advantage in the class but lacked interest in the challenge for Res. C.C.

3rd      Kinton’s Woodthorpe Mister Nice Guy

Sp Beginners Dog (5)

1st       Brown’s Cloverbrook Man of Steel.  Dark brindle, nice head, proper bite, good neck and shoulders, moved well and showed all the time.

2nd      Brough’s Bincairn Zechariah.  Light wheaten, good length of leg, sound topline, shown in good coat.

3rd      Tweslam Magic Time


Special Veteran D/B (14)

1st      Birchs’s Ch Kinkim Ludvic, 7½ year old dark brindle dog, very well constructed all-over, real Cairn expression, good length of leg , stands well forward on his forelegs, sound mover and good showman.

2nd      Middlehurst’s Ch Starveron Chance a Glance.  Showy 8½ year old light brindle, head and expression typical of the breed, sound in essentials, good mover

3rd      Owen’s Ch Caldwell Connor         


Minor Puppy Bitch  (15)

1st      Ward’s Vanajam Limelight.  Attractive wheaten, excellent head and length of neck, correct front, well bodied, good length of leg and bend of stifle, showed very well.  B.P.I.S.

2nd      Hawley’s  Seveek Dreaming at Bencairn.  Similar type to 1, typical head, sound topline, good tail set, moved with drive.

3rd      Jones’s Cannwood Special Edition

Puppy Bitch (7)

1st      Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Berry.  Light red brindle, well bodied, deep in rib, level back, good tail set, moved freely.

2nd      Keeves’s  Seveek Star Dreamer.  Showy wheaten brindle, well laid back shoulders, level back, good length of leg, moved satisfactorily.

3rd      Evans’s Stradivarius Scots Suite

Junior Bitch (12)

1st      Catto’s Birselaw Perfect Moment.  Wheaten, lovely feminine head, good mouth, nice front, firm topline, strong quarters, moved well and showed to advantage.

2nd      Kinton’s Woodthorpe Just the Girl.  Showy, well coated light red, good head, neck and quarters, correct length of leg, well balanced.

3rd      Fyfe’s Andrum Lady Penelope

Maiden Bitch (11)

1st      Goud’s Vale of Atholl’s  Caileach  An  Dudain.  Red, good head, level back, good length of leg, moved well in front, showed.

2nd      Waugh’s Tribannon Diamond Fire.  Wheaten, smaller than 1, typical head, correct bite, sound topline, double coated.

3rd      Buttery’s Cloverbrook Coppelia.

 Novice Bitch (9)

1st       Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Beauty.  Light wheaten, correct mouth, laid back shoulders, nice length of leg, good bend. of stifle, correct tail set, showed well.

2nd      Evan’s Stradivarius Scots Suite.  Red brindle with dark points, keen expression, good length of leg, attractive when standing.

3rd      Bradshaw’s Tweslam Gypsy’s Spirit

Graduate Bitch (11)

1st      Keeves’s Seveek Cherrys n’ Dreams.  Upstanding light red, good front, well furnished head, excellent topline, good tail set, moved soundly.

2nd      Braybrook’s Cloverbrook No Doubt.  Red with dark points, excellent head, typical Cairn expression, good mouth, satisfactory reach of neck and length of back

3rd      Crosby’s Tribannon Angeline at Tolimaura

Post Graduate Bitch (11)

1st       Peer’s Tweedisle  Royal Cinders.  Typical head, good length of neck, level back, excellent coat, moved and showed well.

2nd      Dolan’s Glenrood  Spring Pipit.  Wheaten very feminine  head, good  reach of neck, firm  topline, coat short but of good quality.

3rd      Pollock’s Glenmear Midnight

Limit Bitch

1st      Catto’s Birselaw Bobby Sox.  Wheaten, beautiful feminine head, mischievous expression, level topline, good length of leg, excellent double coat, moved well in front., eycatching standing,very alert.

2nd      Birchs’s Kinkim Unaqutas  Wheaten with dark points, attractive head, good mouth, well sprung ribs, strong quarters, good rear angulation, excellent showgirl.

3rd      Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Megan

Open Bitch (11)

1st      Hughes’s Ch Gyncairn Dusk to Dawn.  Well balanced grey brindle, lovely head, excellent front, good length of neck, well laid back shoulders, firm topline, correct tail set, strong quarters, well presented, excellent movement both front and rear, showed very well.   C.C. & B.I.S.

2nd      Ward’s Vanajam Visionary.  Wheaten with dark mask, excellent head with typical expression, good depth of rib, well set on tail, double coated, moved with drive

3rd      Short’s Glenchess Wild Echo

Sp Beginners Bitch (9)

1st       Buttery’s  Cloverbrook Cleopatra  Dark brindle, head, neck and back satisfactory, good length of leg, good showgirl.

2nd      Bradshaw’s Tweslam  Gipsy’s Spint.  Well coated, red, good head, level topline, good tail set, showed well.

Brace (4)

1st      Buttery’s brace

2nd      Fairweather’s brace

3rd      Shannon & Storr’s brace

 Judge Joe Dean