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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show, August 3rd 2002

Show Secretary Ann Wall, Liz Longdin, Geir Flycky Pederson (Judge) with BIS Wellingley What Now



The Midland Cairn Club held an Open Show at Shirland.  Judging a breed club show is always interesting and the support this show had from exhibitors made it even more exciting.  A super entry of 102, although somewhat depleted by a number of absentees, made it a very interesting occasion for me.


I have taken an interest in this breed for as long as I have been involved with terriers and this involvement now approaches its 45th anniversary.  Needless to say there were many excellent dogs and many difficult decisions to make.  One or two decisions I would have been happy to reverse at any time, but to me they were right at the very moment I made them. 


The natural appearance called for in the Standard gives a lot of room for different interpretations, but I do believe every exhibitor wants to make the most of their dogs and it is a very fine line between trimming and over trimming!  All my top winners were well presented.  Best in Show was Wellingley What Now, young bitch with a super temperament, on all toes all the time, lovely head and expression, balanced neck, excellent body and bone, moved well and she certainly made the most of what she got, well handled and presented: Reserve Best In Show, Glenchess Night Owl, very mature and has lovely outline, feminine head, good neck, body and topline, moved and showed well, so well presented, not a hair out of place; Best Opposite Sex; Lockelsh Pegno D’Amore, an attractive masculine dog, nice head, good neck, body and bone, excellent coat, moved well and showed himself off with style and temperament in his class.  When time came for the BIS competition, he seemed to have lost interest; & Best Puppy, Lockelsh Expect the Best.


Veteran Dog or Bitch (7, 2 absent)

  1. Parker Tucker’s Ch/Am Ch Uniquecottage Bright Gold, nearly 8, which is of course still young for this breed, lovely dog, masculine head, good neck, moved and showed so well and presented without a hair out of place.
  2. White’s Kervaig Picador, strong masculine dog, touch overweight.  Good proportions, tailset, bone and rear angulation, good coat and pleasant temperament.
  3. Dolan’s Glenrood Snow Pipit.
  4. Jennings’ Doonrae Prudence
  5. Bratley & Holmes’ Amberhill Annie


Minor Puppy Dog (4, 1 absent)

  1. Tracey’s Seveek Fire Cracker, pleasing overall picture, but naturally a very unfinished product.  Good body and bone for age and in glimpses moved well, excellent coat and temperament.
  2. Miller’s Brandarsaig Evergreen, charming baby, a nice head, good neck, standing makes a nice picture, full of life and I believe he has got most of the essentials.  With more training and experience think he could do well.
  3. Bratley & Holmes’ Amberhill Our Angus


Puppy Dog (3 entries, 1 absent)

  1. Harrison’s and Formosa’s Carradine Hudson, attractive 9 months old, very showy and with a lovely temperament, nice head, good body and bone, moves and shows with temperament and enthusiasm, well handled.
  2. Treglown’s Brenndarcy Danger Mouse, nice head, good bone and excellent coat structure.


Junior Dog (6, 2 absent)

  1. Reserve Best Dog, Birch’s Kinkim Rory Printas, lovely type and excellent overall balance, nice head, good expression, excellent neck and good body proportions, moves and shows well, in good coat and condition.
  2. Roberts’ Cannwood Augurey, nice young dog, full of life, quite an attractive head, good neck and body, in good coat, moved and showed well.
  3. Ramsden’s Cairngold Sparticus
  4. Peers’ Tweedisle Truffle


Maiden Dog (2, 1 absent)

  1. Cannwood Augurey


Novice Dog (4, 1 absent)

  1. Cannwood Augurey
  2. Chambers’ Honeylyn Superman, attractive dog, nice head neck and body.  Would like more rear angulation and front movement a little untidy. Otherwise a nice dog with good coat.
  3. Amberhill Our Angus


Post Graduate Dog (9, 2 absent)

  1. Brown’s Cloverbrook Talk of The Town, a very showy and attractive dog on his toes all the time, pleasing masculine head, good ears, body and overall balance, moved well. Little wide in front.
  2. Butterfield’s Camasmor Qui Vive, lovely old fashioned type, pleasing head and expression, good proportions, coat structure, moves and shows with enthusiasm.
  3. Gibson’s Glenmear Tempus Fugit
  4. Stephinson’s Twohoots Advent Oberon
  5. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Bill Badger


Mid Limit Dog (5, 1 absent)

  1. Jennings’ Doonrae Virtuoso, dark brindle, so well balanced, good head and expression, neck and body, well angulated, very sound and uncomplicated who moved well.
  2. Peers’ Tweedisle Super Jewel, very well constructed, not in the best of coats.  Good coat, nice expression, alert and happy temperament, moved well.
  3. Brough’s Bincairn Zachariah
  4. Tracey’s Retacy Ivy Boy


Open Dog (5, 3 absent)

  1. Best Dog, Howard’s Lockelsh Pegn D’Amore
  2. Brown’s Cloverbrook Man of Steel, quite an attractive dog, masculine head, good body and bone, moved OK, good temperament.


Special Beginners Dog (4, 1 absent)

  1. Cloverbrook Talk of The Town
  2. Camasmor Qui Vive
  3. Bincairn Zechariah


Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 1 absent)

  1. Best Puppy, Howard’s Lockelsh Expect The Best, just 6 months, very promising, full of charm and vitality, sweet feminine head, excellent body and bone, showed and moved like a veteran.
  2. Brown’s Bencana Magic Moment, sweet, feminine head and expression, good neck and overall proportions, good bone, extremely well balanced, moved and showed well.
  3. Butterfield’s Camasmor Coquette
  4. Miller’s Brandarsaig Scotia Girl


Puppy Bitch (5, 3 absent)

  1. Chambers’ Carocairn Too Good To Miss, nice type, pleasing head and expression, good neck, body and angulation, coat of good texture, good temperament.
  2. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse, very sweet and feminine, excellent coat, good neck, still very immature, but has potential, shows well and nice temperament.


Junior Bitch (4, 1 absent)

  1. Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl, wheaten, very charming and attractive, feminine head, good expression, well angulated, moved well, excellent coat and condition.
  2. Mears’ Glenmear Mirren, dark brindle, real quality bitch to go over on the table, nice head, excellent neck, good body, bone and overall proportions, the sweetest of temperaments but not at all interested in showing off her many virtues on the ground.  Her pattern of movement is good.  When she decides to take dog shows seriously, should do well.
  3. White’s Kervaig Skye Sapphire


Maiden Bitch (2, 2 absent)


Novice Bitch (8, 5 absent)

Rather poor class

  1. Purvis’ Wilsummer Sea Lavender, dark brindle, feminine head, short neck, acceptable body and rear angulation.
  2. Turnbull’s Tribannon Destiny, of average quality, feminine expression, good bone.  Rather overweight.  Coat texture good and has a friendly temperament.
  3. Weedall’s Clairevona Mlenilud Valley


Post Graduate Bitch (7, 2 absent)

  1. Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Beauty, very nice, very feminine with a lovely head and expression, good body and bone, tailset and hindquarters, moved well, real showgirl.
  2. Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Jade, brindle, nice head, good neck and excellent body proportions, moved well, looked so good going round the ring but lost interest standing.  These two could change places any time.
  3. Buttress’ Uniquecottage Gold Tilly
  4. Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Crystal Clear at Eborvale
  5. Pearson’s Cloverbrook Corona Cracker


Mid Limit Bitch (8, 4 absent)

  1. Best in Show, Longdin’s Wellingley What Now
  2. Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Berry, wonderful temperament, but shows herself off with nearly too much enthusiasm!  Nice head, good body, bone and general outline, moved well, excellent coat and condition.
  3. Cloverbrook Crystal Clear at Eborvale.
  4. Clairevona Mlenilud Valley


Open Bitch (9, 3 absent)

  1. Reserve Best in Show, Short’s Glenchess Night Owl
  2. Phillips’ Sarachelle Just Daisy at Jaeva, certainly a quality bitch who has a nice head, good expression, fair neck, good body proportions, in super coat and condition.
  3. Birch’s Kinkim Quanta Ruffn
  4. Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Megan
  5. Stephinson’s Cloverbrook Noella


Special Beginners Bitch (3)

  1. Fairweather’s Ock Enchanted Shadow, 6 and a half years old, makes quite a nice picture, feminine head, good neck, body and bone.  Little short in body and coat not at its best.  Nice temperament and moved well.
  2. Pearson’s Cloverbrook Cue The Music, pleasing type.  Could show herself with more temperament and purpose.