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5 August 2001

ROY TESTER (Judge)         

I had a most enjoyable day judging the Joint Cairn Terrier Club's Open Show hosted this year by the Midland CTC.  I found a number of light eyes, uneven mouths and indistinct stops but on the upside  movement was better than anticipated. 


My BIS Carradine Toblerone embodies the characteristics which originally attracted me to the breed. I liked his size, overall  balance, firm construction and flowing movement but above all  his typical outgoing character.  RBIS Glenchess Wild Echo is again very typical with an attractive head, keen piercing expression, well-toned body & quarters, stretching well forward on the move.  BPIS Lockelsh Whats It All About was a clear winner, in lovely condition and puppy coat, built on clean cut lines, moving as well as any on the day', a most promising prospect.


.V  (4,2a): 1 Dolan's Glenrood Snow Pipit, 71/2 years  cream in super condition & coat, lovely feminine xpression,  very showy;

 2 Jennings' Doonrae Prudence, 81/2 years dark brindle, nice expressive eye, not as sparky as 1 but a good honest type

.MPD (3,2): 1  Howard's Lockelsh Whats It All About, 7 months wheaten,  very alert & expressive eye, liked his size BPIS 

PD (3,2): 1 Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Bill Badger, 11 months red, well-defined stop & good teeth, used ears well , tail a touch low but wagged with enthusiasm, good legs & feet.

JD (6): 1 Peers' Tweedisle Super Jewel, nicely balanced throughout, excellent dark eye & defined stop, neat ears, double coated wheaten, plenty of character & moved soundly; 

2 Mears' Glenmear Mac, well-furnished balanced head, typical expression, well-placed ears & tail carriage, good front, firmly made, wtn/br double coat not at it's best, moved well but 1 just had the edge; 

3 Butterfield's Camasmor Qui Vive.

 MD (1): 1 Stephinson's Twohoots Advent Oberon, good looking wheaten, alert dark eye,  nice ear set, overall

pleasing picture, showy tail wagger  needs to firm up when moving.  

ND (1): a 

PGD (4,1): 1 Jennings' Doonrae Virtuoso, dark brindle, all cairn, not in the best of coats but sound underneath, liked his typical head & expression, good bone, positive mover, beat 2 on alertness; 

2 Bradshaw's Tweslam Magic Time; well-constructed wheaten, masculine head, good top line & tail, nice type but hind movement could be better & inclined to drop his tail when it matters;

3 Thornton's Kervaig Moonraker.

 LD (11,4): 1  Short's Glenchess Fancy Dresser, well-presented br/wheaten with dark points, firm & balanced framework, stands well forward, tail right on top & used to advantage, solid quarters, one of the better movers  RBD 

2 Firth's Cairngold Cosmology, eye-catching red in excellent coat,  typy with expressive eye, very showy & positive

mover, just preferred 1 on overall balance; 

3 Cameron's Stryveling Lord of The Isles.

OD  (6,2): 1  Harrison & Formosa's Carradine Toblerone, first time I have seen him but found little to fault, superbly turned out red with dark points, great ring presence, captivating expression BIS  

2 Peers' Tweedisle Crown Jewel, good looking  &upstanding wheaten, touch high on the leg for me but still  nicely balanced, alert & animated, expressive dark  eye, good tail carriage,  good mover, liked him a lot; 

3 Evans' Nuvan Top Hat.

SBD (3) 1 Butterfield's Camasmor Qui Vive, well-presented attractive brindle, very good head qualities, nice  top-line and  tail set, good bone but perhaps still needs to fill out; 

2 Ball's Calamondin Cosmopolitan, well-coated dense red, muscular quarters, strode out well, preferred head of 1; 

3 Brough's Bincairn Zechariah.

 MPB (4,2): 1 Howard's Lockelsh Christmas Wishes, 71/2 months, very  similar to her litter brother, attractive cream, lovely feminine expression, made the most of  her well-set tail, a bit loose  behind but time on her side, preferred head to

2 Keeves' Seveek Star Dreamer, nice  typy  wtn/br, good mouth &  expression, quality

coat, moved well  

PB (7,5): 1 Longdin's Wellingley What Now, nearly 12 months, nicely balanced   , outgoing & alert , best of heads, neat ears, intense expression, dark brindle double coat, full of character, busy showgirl  BPB

2 Dolan's Glenrood Forever  Beauty, 9 months, aptly named, gorgeous cream, most  attractive feminine head, firmto go over, in best of condition, marginal decision but lost out to 1 on rear movement

JB (8,2): 1  Buttress' Uniquecottage Gold Tilly, striking red, immediately took my eye,  super head & expression, soundly built, excellent bone & muscle tone, good textured double coat, nice level back & tail carriage, strode out well with drive, young handler had eyes only for her girl &  this was reciprocated in full  RBB

2 Keeves' Seveek Daydream Believer, another attractive cream with dark points, neat ears, well-bodied, strong quarters, nice short tail;

3 Harrison & Formosa's Curtisey Salarmi,

 MB (4,1): 1 U Gold Tilly;

2 Cameron's The Lady Rowena, dark red brindle, smaller in size than 1 but nice make & shape, balanced head & good eyes & mouth, firm quarters,moved well in all directions, lovely youngster but a touch unsure of herself today; 

3 Purvis' Wilsummer Sea Lavender.

NB (9,3): 1 Dolan's Glenrood Spring Pipit, another superbly presented cream, real charmer, not a big girl but of good substance & bone, in short but quality coat, looked good on the move to edge out

 2 Mears' Erdisland Della, different type but  so cairny, well-placed ears, honest type of bitch with keen

expression, profuse coat, level back & correct tail placement, happy showgirl; 

3 Moseley's Spawyche Elizabethan Jade.

 PGB (13,3): strong class 1 Short's Glenchess Anastasia, lt/red in tip-top order, balanced head & body, nice ears, prefer a smaller eye but very expressive, good ribs & strong but supple loin, good front movement; 

2 Dolan's Magic Pipit, smaller than 1 but quite similar in some ways, well-bodied, quality coat, strode out on the move with style & drive;

 3 Birch's Kinkim Unaqutas.

LB (8,5): 1 Dolan's Forever Megan, lovely wtn/br with dark points, showed her socks off, nice head, keen eye, well-defined stop, good teeth, good front, carries tail well, stretched out on move, preferred size & showmanship to

2 Stephinson's Cloverbrook Noella, larger build but nicely balanced, beautiful head, soundly built, , good textured

wheaten coat, moved well & an enthusiastic tail wagger; 

3 Shannon & Storr's  Brenndarcy Miss Moppett

OB (6): 1 Short's Glenchess Wild Echo, feminine dark brindle, liked her expressive eye, good mouth & well-placed ears, everything in proportion, solid to go over but not heavy boned, reached out on the move

maintaining  shape RBIS; 

2 Fairweather's Ock Enchanted Shadow, attractive headed cream with dark points, alert & inquisitive eye, nice outline whether standing or on the move, good double coat, obviously enjoys life never ceasing to wag that tail,

preferred more positive drive of 1;  

3 Peers' Tweedisle Jenny's Smitten.

 SBB (9,3): 1 U Gold Tilly;

 2 Keeves' Seveek Cherrys n Dreams, light red, VHC in strong PG class

but will hold her own in most company, lacked usual sparkle today but a well-

balanced, soundly built bitch,  good head, well-placed ears, in good coat;

 3 Butterfield's Camasmor Quicksilver