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Judge – Margaret Braid



The Midland Cairn Terrier Club held an open show at Shirland Village Hall. There was a very good entry with few absentees. Quality in the bitches was higher than that of the dogs, I found only two incorrect mouths, although in general teeth were much smaller than is called for in the Standard. Muzzles in quite a few exhibits lacked depth and breadth, which altered expression. Rear movement seems to be improving although in several cases could be enhanced by exercise. A good few lacked muscle tone.  BIS was Spawyche Elizabethian Jet, showy medium sized gr/br of correct type, nice head, expression, correct assembly, nice length of body, good legs & feet, correct coat, sound purposeful mover. In the challenge for BIS just had the edge over the bitch in firmness of body. RBIS Curtisey Salarmi, wheaten, beautiful type bitch of correct size, good neck, well made body, maturing nicely, moved out soundly, fore and aft, will watch both their careers with interest.



1. Dolan’s Glenrood Snow Pipit, 7 years

2. Jennings’ Doonrae  Prudence Dark brindle of different type, good head and expression, neat ears, nice front, neck and shoulder, moved freely. Just preferred topline of 1.



1. Tracey’s Crowneast Boy Blue Wonder, 8 months light red, pleasing head, correct eye & ears, good neck, well laid shoulder, correct length of body, well set on tail, won on his movement.

2. Spence’s Harlight Hooray Hamish, 8 months gr/br, raw puppy as yet, has the essentials but would not settle down & move as his shape suggests he can.

3. Brown’s Cloverbrook Talk Of The Town.



1.   Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Bill Badger, 9 months light red, nice head correct eye & expression, good reach of neck, level topline, shade steep in upper arm which causes him to short step in front.

2. Weedall’s Clairvona In Command, 9 months light red, not as balanced as 1, rather plain in head, nice neck, shoulder & topline, good legs and feet. Needs new jacket & time to come on.



1.  Peers’ Tweedisle Super Jewel, Wheaten of nice type, pleasing head & expression, correct length of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline held on the move, sound free happy mover.

2.  Mears’ Glenmear Mac, typy dog, one of the best heads here, nice reach of neck, good shoulders & topline. Would prefer better turn of stifle, which would improve his movement.

3.  Keeve & Bennett’s Vanajam Amulet



1.  Weedall’s Clairvona In Command

2.  Tracey’s Brenndarcy Sammy Whiskers, gr/br, lacking breadth & depth of muzzle, good neck & shoulders, correct coat. Needs to tighten all over.

3.  Barrett’s Kiatai Kristopher.



1.  Shorter and Nuttall’s Spawyche Elizabethian Jet. BIS

2.  Stephinson’s Twohoots Advent Oberon, a shade heavy in head, good body, legs & feet, appeared unbalanced all through, moved OK

3.  Sharpe’s Doonrae Dragoon



1.  Shorter and Nuttall’s Spawyche Elizabethian Jet. BIS

2.  Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Look No Further, upstanding dark brindle, shade on the big side, nice head & eye, god body, legs & feet, nice topline, correct coat. Moving loosely on the day.

3.  Bradshaw’s Tweslam Magic Time



1.   Shorter and Nuttall’s Spawyche Elizabethian Jet. BIS

2.   Ball’s Calamondin Cosmopolitan, red of medium size, good head & eye. Shade short in neck. Level topline, correct set on tail, turning one hind foot on the move.

3.  Brough’s Bincairn Zechariah


OPEN DOG (4-2)

1.  Peers’ Tweedisle Crown Jewel, wheaten of correct type, correct head, eye & ears, well balanced, in good coat, nice length of body, good legs & feet, moved & showed well.

2.  Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Candlestick Maker, red, good head & expression, good body, legs & feet, correct coat. Lost out to 1 on movement.



1.  Sharpe’s Doonrae Dragoon, dark brindle of good type, nice length of body, correct coat, moved out better in this class.

2.  Ball’s Calamondin Cosmopolitan

3.  Brough’s Bincairn Zechariah



1.  Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Beauty, 7 months wheaten/br, well grown & sound, good head, well set ears, lovely reach of neck, correct topline & tailset, good legs & feet, moved freely. BP

2.  Formosa & Harrison’s Carradine Annabella, 8 months dark brindle, nice head & expression, shade longer cast than 1, moving close behind, nice type.

3.  Evans’ Nuvan Portrait Of A Lady



1. Braybrook’s Cloverbrook No Doubt, 9 months gr/br, lovely puppy, typical of this kennel, correct head, muzzle, eye & ears, nice reach of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, well set tail, good legs & feet. Today her movement was hard to assess due to her enthusiasm.

2. Barretts’ Kiatia Kasia, 6 months red, must not grow on any more, heavier type than 1, loose all through at the moment, would benefit from ring training.



1.   Formosa & Harrison’s Curtisy Salarmi, RBIS

2.   Mears’ Erdisland Della, gr/br, nice type, pleasing head, good reach of neck, shoulders & topline, tailset OK, little unbalanced on the move.

3.   Buttress’ Uniquecottage Gold Tilly



1.     Dolan’s Glenrood Spring Pipit, wheaten, good head & expression, nice reach of neck& topline, tailset appeared low & topline roaching somewhat on the move, needs to settle

needs to settle



1.  Dolan’s Kervaig Amarette at Glenrood, gr/br nice headed if a shade fine in muzzle, good neck, shoulder, topline & tailset, scored in spring of rib & condition over 2.

2.  Keeves’ Seveek Cherries ’n Dreams, light red, good head & expression, shade more body would improve her, moving well.

3.  Brown’s Bencana Dark Crystal



1.  Fairweather’s Ock Thursday’s Child, lovely type of wheaten, medium size in good coat 7 condition, pleasing head & expression, correct length of body, won here on her sound free movement

2.  Dolan’s Glenrood Lotsa Magic, similar type to 1& much the same remarks apply. Just moving a shade wide, the first three bitches in this very good class could change places at any time.

3.  Crosby’s Tribannon Angelina at Tolimaura



1.  Brown’s Bencana Moondance, wheaten lovely head & expression, good reach of neck, well balanced all through, moved out freely & with drive

2.  Peers’ Tweedisle Royal Cinders, another nice one from this kennel, pleasing head, nice neck, topline & tailset. Lost out to 1 on rear movement.

3.  Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Megan



1.  Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Total Eclipse, light red, nice head & expression, in good coat & condition, correct front assembly, good legs & feet, moved soundly & freely, RBB

2.  Evans’ Nuvan Select Lady, gr/br of good type, touch shorter in loin than 1, in good coat & condition. Not moving quite so freely as 1

3.  Fairweather‘s Ock Enchanted Shadows



1.  Crosby’s Tribannon Angelina At Tolimaura, very nice type, good head & expression, good reach of neck, level topline held on the move, moved soundly & with purpose

2.  Fairweather’s Ock Mad As A Hatter

3.  Tweslam Gypsy’s Spirit.

Margaret Braid (Judge)