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 BALBRIDIE   My prefix I took from ' BALBRIDIE HALL', the name caught my eye when I was reading about the ancient history of Scotland. It is a Neolithic  timber house in Aberdeenshire, the largest known timber building in Britain and Ireland dating back to 3400 to 4000 BC, preceding  Stonehenge by 1000 years.  During the dry summer of 1976 it 's outline in a farmer's field  was discovered through aerial photographs. Archaeological diggings have revealed some very interesting data about its probable use and its strategic location to early trackways and crossings through the lower Grampians.  (Google it if you are into history and would like to know more). Barbara Candela, Australia


BALLATHIE. This was my chosen prefix having spent six months in Scotland working  on the Ballathie Estate  on the River Tay in  Perthshire.It just seemed the right thing to do to keep the Scottish link for my Cairns.

Kathy Kilpatrick- New Zealand


BENANNAND Our Affix of Benannand was chosen from my Scottish Ancestors the Annands who left Keith and settled in Australia in the 1850's. We added the Ben at the start after the mountains in Scotland as our house is on a small hill. So Ben Annand became Benannand. Greg and Lyn Chapman Australia


CASTLEROCK - The CastleRock prefix comes from the book "Greyfriar's Bobby." This book is about the old Skye Terrier breed - the original Cairn Terrier. In the opening chapter the time gun was fired at 1:00 from Castle Rock. The Castle at Edinburgh.   Richard E. Grant.  Rhode Island


COBBY BODY -In the time we were choosing a kennelname we had to list 5 with our Kennelclub. It took them almost a year to have a look at them and one by one the names like “Glenfiddich” were rejected. Either it was already in use somewhere in the World or it was to similar to one in use.   The last of the list: “Cobby Body” was in fact not really what we wanted! A Cairn should not be Cobby at all but when you look at the Cairnbabies in the first weeks of their lives they have rounded cuddly little bodies. Thats where Cobby Body came from……. Mieke Jansen, Holland


COLLESSIE in Fifeshire is where my Scottish grandmother’s family came from.  After trying to get Cubberoo which is my business, Kelpie Stud and previous property name only to find someone had it in the Canine Council I tried for Collessie and got it. Having visited Collessie last year and now that I no longer live at Cubberoo I am pleased with the choice. Jude Costello - Austalia

DUNCAIRN - My prefix ties in with my Scottish heritage. My great grand parents were from Scotland and their family name was Duncan. I did not even try for that spelling as I was sure it would be taken. I changed the spelling to add the breed name in and so Duncairn was approved. Kathryn Smith Australia

De la TERRARDIÈRE -  Is our Kennelname because Hervé, my father found in an old book that : Jacques VI of Scotland and 1st of England sent a cargo of "Terrards" to Louis XIII. Because of the value he attached it, they were escorted by a warship. There is no doubt that "Terrards" of this time was the ancestors of our cairn terriers.The suffix 'ère' at the end of terrardière means 'a place where we found terrars' or a place where terrars lives. Steve Fontaine, France


 EdeuS - our prefix name origin - it is our first Cairn Terrier's name read back to front. We name our puppies after our interests, usually something fun and cheerful. Helena Sutton  Poland 


EMJADE - Jade was our first cairn. She became a Canadian champion at 12 months of age and produced over 25 pups before she was retired. - Michael and Jean Sullivan, Quebec, Canada


FRIGG -  The name Frigg comes from Nordic mythology, in the time when Vikings lived in Denmark and there are many remains from Viking villages in that part of Denmark where we live, and we've read several interesting books about the Nordic mythology. Frigg is one of the 12 gods of the Vikings believed (not us :o) she was Odin's wife, and in particular goddess of marriage and fertility. Here in Denmark we must have a kennel name, this was our 3rd choice. - John Jensen, Denmark


GLENMAC Our kennel was Established in 1980 although we did have a a couple of Cairns before then.  The name Glenmac came from combining  Glen (the Glens of Scotland) and Mac from our
name Macaulay which has Scottish descendants. Joy Macaulay New Zealand


HAPPICAIRN - I chose the prefix 35 years ago when I got my first Cairn because the breed is essentially a happy temperament breed of dog.  AKC wouldn’t register it because it has the breed name as part of it, but the prefix has been perfect for every Cairn I have had these many years.

Susan W. DeWitt  Conneticut.


HARPOUY D’AUZAN "Harpouy"  Is the name of my House and d'Auzan the name of my village : Castelnau d'Auzan and my affix: Du Harpouy d'Auzan, is hard to pronounce in English but makes so nice Music In French... Sébastien Bats- France


HAUKANTORPPA - Our first litter of Cairns were born in 1955 when I was 13 years old. My father promised to pay for the affix fee if I took the name "of Haukantorppa". It is the name of our summer house (Hawk's Cottage) in Haukkasalo (Hawk Island), Finland. Later me and my young family changed our Italian surname into Haukatsalo, a name which I kept even after marrying an Englishman. Pihla Haukatsalo-Irving


JOYMONT I have had it for over thirty years.  My very first Cairn was a lovely girl called Skyeway Cottage Joy. She was named after a very good friend I had at University. My first litter was when we lived in a suburb of Melbourne called  Montmorency. MInd you this prefix was about the tenth one on my list to be chosen. Very hard to get what you want here. ,Cathy Scotton – Australia

KOTERANA. I am a New Zealander and Koterana is the Maori word for Scotland or Scottish. There have been many complaints over the years because people have trouble with the Maori names I give my dogs but I am proud of it. Jill Saulbrey, Australia

LACHLEEN - When selecting a prefix I had no idea what to do…so it was the start of the internet & I found a Gaelic mailing list and asked the members to help me select a good name. They came up with Lachleen, they suggested a small breeding (dog) from the north… I liked the look and sound of it so I put the name in my application and the FCI approved it… Berit Rosenfeldt, Denmark


LINWELL Registered in 1972 my kennel affix  is really easy  - half of my Christian Name, Linda, and half of my surname, Kettlewell. - Linda Kettlewell Brampton, Ontario, Canada


LOCHRIN – I have had the name for over 20 years.  I chose it because it was the name of the apartment building where my husband and I lived when we were married in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was my first choice and I was pleased to have it approved.  Lyn BarclayAustralia


MANGAROA - Our kennel prefix is Mangaroa which is a Maori word for row of hills which was the area we lived in at the time.   Di Whyte – New Zealand


MARIE'S MAGIC- As I was checking out the already existing kennel names on the FCI site, I jtought: Oh gosh, all the good one's are taken. In Belgium kennel names are restricted to 20 caracters, we can't use last names, names of city's, the name of the breed, or any name that might create confusion with already existing kennel names. So, I took a part of my given name: Marie and added magic to it: Marie's Magic was approved. –Anne-Marie Croquison Vlieghe Belgium


MCALISTER - I applied to the FCI for my prefix in 1997. You can have up to 3 choices, So my first was McMurphy’s my second was  “McDoddy” (Taken from my two first Ch’s), I didn’t have a 3rd wish, eventually I chose McAlister – After the Pipe Major of Shotts & Dykehead Caledonian Pipe Band.  I was a Drummer in a Danish Pipeband . I read a book ”Scottish clans and tartans”, I decided on McAlister (like the clan) as the Cairn Terrier is originally a breed from Scotland. As my 1st two were taken by other FCI breeders  I got my McAlister prefix.  Tine Mathari – Denmark


MYSTIX - Living in California, many people think we are a bit out there anyway so we thought, why not give people (or dogs) something to "chew on!"  AND using an "x" at the end meant we did not need to put an apostrophe in the dogs AKC name.  Linda and Leland Heiner – USA


NORDCAIRN - Our kennel name is Nordcairn / Northcairn - and it is a very simple name - we live in the north of Denmark and that is why we chose the name. Lotte and Søren Thomsen – Denmark


NORTHGROVE - I tried several before Northgrove was accepted as not being already in use by someone else in the FCI. I liked the sound of "north"; it suits the Cairn and, although in the south of Sweden, I am in northern Europe. And "grove" is a description of my surroundings. Also, since we enter the show ring in alphabetical order, I had an idea of where I wanted to be in that situation. Diana Holmberg – Sweden


PRANKSTER’S I was looking for something funny & bit mischievous and when I found this word I thought it was perfect affix for me. Cairns can  be quite a pranksters too, but in a good way :) I was so happy I got it confirmed by FCI. Taru Rannikko – Finland


QUARRYDENE - As I am a fourth generation Cairn breeder it was an honor to be able to use my Great Grandmother’s (Florence Milsom) kennel affix, Quarrydene.  Her kennel name is deep in our Cairns pedigrees, predominantly behind Hilliston Ian Dhu.  I believe her countryside residence was near a quarry, which was the deciding factor for her, on her kennel name. Merril Schmitt , Canada


RASKEN's - Both of us started to breed Cairns some years before we became a couple. At that time I already had the prefix RASKEN´s.To be approved to have a kennel prefix at that time you had to do and pass a written test at the Kennel Club.I had a dog with the name Ch Gaytop Top Rascal. And I called him Rasken. When I asked for permission at the Kennel Club to have a prefix I first asked for RASCAL´s but the name also had to be recognised by FCI and that name was already used somewhere in Europe. Then my second wish was RASKEN´s. – Mats Lindborg, Sweden


RED'S FLAME:The name of the my first Cairn was "Red" so my first choice was Simply Red and the second Red's Flame (the flame of Red) Sylvie Di Cola Italy


ROSE CROFT - When I first started in Cairns, one of my mentors, Margaret Magee (Whistlegate) stressed that a prefix should have a special  meaning.   Margaret chose her's because when she came home she would whistle at the gate for the dogs.   Roses have always been my favorite flower, beautiful to look at, sweet to small but beware their thorns; sort of like the tenacious side of our dogs. Croft because our breed  were the Crofter's dogs.    Jerrie Wolfe - West Coast, USA


SANDERFIELD Marjut From (My mother) discovered the affix in a novel she read in 1975. "Sanderfield" was the name of the manor house in that book. - Tessa Silfver Finland


SCOTCHBROOM - When I first started with Cairns my parents lived in Clermont County Ohio and my first two Chs had Clermont in their name.

Much later my husband and I built a home on Lopez Island Washington State USA and I wanted a new name. Wild roses are abundant there and that is what I wanted,  (and the Scotch Broom Plant is considered an invasive species) but my husband said "no, no, your Cairns are bristly and tenacious and hard to get rid of - so how about Scotch Broom?"Perfect! I registered it with the AKC - and so it goes!


SOUND OF CANNA'S" and I found it on a really old map of Scotland. Although officially it isn't allowed to choose names of excisting towns or villages, I discovered that there are several kennels with such names. As I was looking at 'Skye' I discovered the island Canna, and I instantly liked the sound of that. But just "Canna" or "Canna's" just wasn't it. Then I discovered that there was a name to the small part of water (ocean) between The Isle of Skye and Canna, and on the old map it was called 'Sound of Canna's' and that's how i found my kennelname. It was my first choice and approved by the Dutch Kennel Club and the FCI.


TAMACIOUS -  It is a word that my husband & I created when we first started in Cairns. We thought that tenacious was such a great word to use when describing the Cairn but we wanted something that would be completely unique for our kennel name so we played around with the spelling and came up with Tamacious. Suzanne Darling, Canada


TARACOTTAGE – I fell in love with the "Uniquecottage Cairns" many years ago, and decided to start my kennels with these origins, and so over the years Mrs Parker-Tucker has sold me her beautiful Cairns which I  have fun showing with great success. My affix  "Taracottage" was chosen naturally to show my gratitude and respect to Mrs Parker-Tucker. Marie-line Courant, France


THISTLEGATE - Our first show Cairn's call name was Thistle (Ch.Cairndowns Bonnie Miss Thistle) and we wanted to somehow give her the credit for getting us started.  We looked around and found there was an actual Thistle Gate in Scotland, so not only did we have a way to give credit to our first cairn, we had something from the Highlands, where the breed originated from.  That is the way we got Thistlegate. Barbara & John Kornylo USA


TOWSYTYKE - When researching for a prefix, I wanted something which was synonymous with the cairn terrier as a breed, without using the actual name. I came across a poem written in Gaelic by Dr Gordon Stables which was printed in the Livestock Journal January 31st 1879.  The following is the opening stanza of this poem.

I ken the Terrier of the North,

I ken the towsy tyke.

Ye'll search frae Tweed to Sussex shore

But never find his like. 

The poem finishes with this stanza.

But gies your hand Strathbogie man

Guid faith we maunna sever.

Then here's to Scotia's best o dogs.

Our towsy tyke forever.

So I just joined the two words together and my kennels have been named Towsytyke since 1980.   With the change in grooming over the years I am wondering if I should change the name to Titivated tyke.   Val Palmer Australia.        


TREVLAC. Was quite  easy   to  choose our  kennel  name  just  spell   family  name  CALVERT backwards great  name  great  kennels. Irene Calvert NZ


VALE OF ATHOL + BEANOAK - Our affix Vale of Atholl's, registered in the Netherlands, was taken from the Vale of Atholl's Pipe Band, Pitlochry, Scotland. As 3 members of our family were involved in pipe bands, this affix was an obvious choice for us. When we started to breed Cairns in the UK we could not register this affix with the Kennel Club, nor was registration of Atholl possible. We therefore decided to register Beanoak as our affix as we were living at that time in the Beanoak Estate in Berkshire. Our tradition is to name puppies after pipe tunes. Now back in the Netherlands we breed again under the Vale of Atholl's affix. Reinier & Margolia Goud Netherlands.


Zalazar -  Under the FCI my first choice was ¨Comics¨ , that was taken in Sweden , my second choice was ¨Zalazar¨ and my last was ¨Merlin¨ . I didn't want a name that was connected to where I lived as I may move (we haven't) and I didn't want some thing with Cairn in, as I didn't know if I would have another breed also (Mike had 2 Wire foxes). ¨Zalazar¨  came to me from a south American football player (Argentina, Brazil or ?) whose name I had seen  on the TV . When I was young I always like names with X&Z as I found them very exotic. I like how Zalazar sounds when you say it and it doesn't mean any thing so you can connect names or titles when you name your Dogs .That is how ZALAZAR came to be my Kennel Name. Mette Sorum, Denmark      


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